Soul Music

Birth of Angelscrop
Last weekend my studio was open as part of the Blue Mountains Artists’ Network (BMAN) Arts Trail.

The process was enjoyable, yet it was so easy to be distracted by the flurry of activity: the planning, organisation of the spaces involved, selection of works for display, creation of the audio-visual presentation for the music – and more pedestrian tasks like arranging signage.

It was not until later in the day that the insistent call of the inner world claimed my attention once more.  Outside the window the trees, branches tossing in the winter winds, darkened their silhouettes against the pallid gold of the sky.  Lights twinkled in distant windows before curtains were drawn against the chill of the encroaching night.

The words of the ancient hymn, the Phos Hilaron, began to weave their gentle magic in my memory “Now we are come to the hour of rest, The lights of evening round us shine” – a relic of long-ago theological retreats and my first introduction to the world of contemplation.  Although no longer a part of my own tradition, their comfort and beauty remain a treasured fragment of my spiritual journey, even as the new songs of spirit emerge in the creative process, to draw me onward into the place where music alone gives voice to the deeper mysteries of being.

At times, this voice is a joyful one, a celebration of life in which sound pours forth as a vocalese – a wordless song of being calling to Being.  The song I share with you tonight is one such; called “Destiny”.  I wrote it a couple of years ago, as a spontaneous outpouring of the joy of spirit; one of those rare moments when the heart is filled with Love that cannot be contained, much as a songbird hurls its tiny body into the sky, the liquid notes pouring from its throat in an ecstasy of joy.

I offer it to you now in the hope that you may catch a glimpse of what I saw in that moment -and share the blessing.

[“Destiny” can be streamed without charge at : ]

Section of original painting “Birth of Angels” ©


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