The Energy of Sacred Objects


Recently I conducted a workshop, “Exploring the Chakras”, a deeply rewarding time of sharing.  As always, I was moved by the trust and commitment demonstrated by the group members and the insightful questions they raised.

Energy work always produces fascinating results, but there is an undeniable synergy in any group working together as a community.  Bonds of trust and generosity are forged, nervous-systems relax and the group dynamic amplifies the effects of the exercises we perform.

As we become more aware of the energy systems at work in our bodies, we learn to identify the blockages and dysfunctionality, the areas of weakness or over-stimulation – and we learn techniques to promote balance throughout the energy field.

But it is not simply a matter of treating the mind-body as a system to be tuned as though it were a highly dynamic piece of machinery, although, at a greatly simplified level, that is a fairly accurate description.  We are so much more than sum of the structures, chemicals and electrical impulses that appear to animate our form.

Our consciousness, our capacity for self-transcendence, our undeniable connection with all of existence, are an inseparable part of our humanity; and so it was that we created a sacred space to hold this dimension of our being.  There we placed our soul-objects: those intuitively chosen symbols of the day’s journey, small emblems of our intent which embed the work deeply in the mythic dimension.  And, as always, at the end of the day we were able to identify what our subconscious minds already knew: that the objects signified what is being called forth to guide us in our journey towards clarity and wholeness.

It is my belief that nothing of true value can be achieved unless we nurture and honour this dimension of our being.  There is much wisdom, often inaccessible to the cognitive processes, that is ours to receive … if we simply know how to ask.


6 thoughts on “The Energy of Sacred Objects

  1. Dearest Angie
    Thank you for you insightful and incisive analysis. I love the idea of “tuning” the bodymind system. Could this be the genesis of a workshop series or online course, which you, with your particular set of skills, would be uniquely qualified to develop? Love, Jane


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