As Within. So Without

WandererThe Hermeneutic saying “As above, so below; as within, so without” is an ancient description of interconnectedness – of the synchronicity that occasionally reveals itself at certain moments.

Today I am leaving for a one-week retreat, in preparation for which I spent yesterday in silence and meditation.  As part of the process I took myself off to the local lookout to ponder the ancient majesty of that sacred place.

It has long been the case that when I am immersed in a phase of conscious transformation, my journey is accompanied by butterflies.  Sometimes they land on me, occasionally small flocks of them dance around me as I walk along, or a solitary soul will bear me company for a while.  I am unutterably grateful that it is butterflies, and not spiders, that this process appears to attract!

So it was, that while I sat on a sun-warmed rock, listening to the far-off, tinkling call of bell-birds, a Wanderer butterfly appeared several metres away, describing joyful, erratic arcs in the warm afternoon air.  I greeted it politely, suggested that it would be welcome to join me should it so desire, and returned to my absorption in the scene.

To my amusement and delight, it accepted my invitation and promptly landed less than a metre from me.  There it sat, enjoying the sunshine, presumably meditating upon whether it was in fact Ange, dreaming she was a butterfly.

It bore me company for the rest of my meditation and fluttered ahead of me for several metres when I resumed my walk, finally leaving to follow one of its own kind in a joyous courtship dance.

How blessed are we when we take the time to heed our inner voice – and then to take note when nature responds – like calling unto like in serendipitous moments of harmony.



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