Passover 2014


In Australia it is Autumn, when energy is contracting, the sap withdrawing to the heart-wood of the tree, when life sleeps, awaiting the coming of the long winter night.

It is the time of Mitzrayim – of narrow places; time to reflect upon those things which have circumscribed growth and thriving and the wild, fecund dreamings of a creative, ensouled life.

What is enslaved and what is asking to be liberated? Are they the same? Do we recognise our bonds or see only those which chafe the most….

I wonder what must die in order for life to expand from the narrow places. What will resist the demands of liberty until, bowed beneath the onslaught of illness and affliction, the Pharaoh of the ego consents to release us?

For Israel – those who wrestle with God – it is our struggle against the need to name, to categorize, to take refuge in the bondage of certainty. We are called to make the wilderness our home, subsisting on that which is given – the manna of soul nourishment which is not ours to control, but a grace given only to those who are willing to receive.

But first we must take those first steps of faith, the water divided to grant us access to the foundations of the psyche where we ground our spiritual journey; faith that the waters of the subconscious will not engulf us once we commit to the path. And, finally, faith that the pursuing hordes of the ego will ultimately be swept away as the waters close behind us, leaving us free to begin the slow, toilsome journey into the desert places.

All that awaits us anew, as we reflect on the sacred journey from enslavement to freedom, a journey which is always happening now, and forever, simultaneously within and outside time.



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