Winter Reverie


The trees begin their sleep
Drowsing as the lifeblood sap
Returns to rest in heartwood

For the Spring

 The hush of snowfall
Crystal air, anticipation
Scanning leaden clouds

 At last the feathered flakes arrive
A whirling dance
Against a leaden sky.

This week I have been reflecting upon winters past and present.

I loved my time in the Blue Mountains – the light snowfalls, eagerly awaited, and the cold, clean air.

Sydney’s winters are gentler, especially where I live near the coast.  Alas, there is no snow, but many pleasures remain the same.

Bracing walks are perfumed with the warming scent of wood-smoke
and silhouettes of naked trees embroider chill blue skies.


In autumn, I began composing a suite of seasonal pieces.  Winter Reverie, combining photography, poetry and music, is a celebration of the fallow times as we approach the Solstice.

May this season bring you rest and the promise of renewal, as the world turns slowly back to warmth.




4 thoughts on “Winter Reverie

  1. I found your site after enquiring about a course run by The School of Natural Science UK….testimonials… How do you feel about having studied with them ??
    Any insights …good or bad ….would be greatly appreciated…

    Lovely web site, as a lover of the natural world the music resonated beautifully !


    Laura McCulloch


    1. Hi Laura
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I was happy with the courses I took. They have their limitations but as a means of rounding out tertiary qualifications, they are fine. I found them to be very useful for my therapy practice.
      Best wishes


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