Beauty in unexpected places

IMG_1887comp I have just returned from a pleasant few days in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.  The Tweed Valley is quite magical, formed, as it is, from the caldera of a monstrous volcano and fringed with oddly shaped peaks – volcanic plugs, remnants of once-towering mountains.

Their beauty is evident and infinitely beguiling, but there is wonder to be found in less obvious corners, a solemn kind of beauty which marks the slow march of time in the twilight places.

This, I found in a country graveyard, where my friend and I took an afternoon walk.  I wandered among the headstones, marvelling at the patterns of lichen, bathed in the quiet tranquillity of the late Spring afternoon.

There was pathos in the small graves of tiny children and tenderness in the loving messages graven in stone, now weathered by the elements and the slow passage of time.  There was neglect and decay – and yet – a sense of continuity, of life continuing for the living, while the departed slumber, their essence preserved in the vitality their families bring to the world.

… and the stones, the beautiful, weathered volcanic slabs adorning the more prosperous graves,

the blackened marble


and sculpted masonry.

Divested of their meaning, they are objectively striking, but taken in context, their beauty is enhanced by the poignant memory of those whose resting-place they adorn, and the love of those who mourned their passing.





2 thoughts on “Beauty in unexpected places

  1. Beautiful reflection. My eldest daughter lives in Murwillumbah under the gaze of Mt. Warning. I love visiting but could not live there because the humidity does my head in.
    News: we have sold out home at the beach and are returning back home to the mountains, to my community. We’ve bought a little home in Evans Lookout Rd. Small and simple. A very interesting journey I have had this past year!
    Hope you are well dear Angie, I think of you often xo


    1. Thank you, Robyn. I feel the same way about Murwillumbah – the humidity crushed me! Wow – Evans Lookout Road, eh? Right near where I used to live! At least we’ll be able to catch up more easily now. May your new home be blessed. xxx


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