Life Music


I love baths, for their meditative, calming quality, and find that relaxing in the warm water allows creative ideas to present themselves – a new melody for a composition, perhaps a plot refinement for my novel, the subject of a painting.

This morning I listened to a favourite CD, featuring cello and classical guitar. There is a beautiful pathos about this combination of instruments, a gentle solemnity which leads the mind along introspective paths.

The sweetness of the melodies yielded a vision – a vision in which the entire cosmos vibrated with the beauty of harmony. Some suggest that our very thoughts have the power to affect external reality; certainly scientists understand that observation of phenomena affects the outcome of experiments.  So what effect do our thoughts, and the images, sounds and narratives we take into our minds have upon the outer world?

Did the cells of my body and droplets of water vibrate with the sombre cadence of the music? I cannot say.  But in that graced moment I felt that all of creation pulsed with the splendour of the sound.



2 thoughts on “Life Music

  1. such a big and mysterious question, angie–and so tenderly articulated here. i hope the bath and the experience brought more post-flu healing, too.


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