The Open Heart


For some years I have worked with the body’s energy centres, both as a therapist and in my own journey. Certain kinds of trauma create blockages in specific centres and the one most commonly affected is the heart centre.  Grief, disappointment, anguish, suffering, fear and anxiety, even diet… the causative factors are legion.  Anything which causes us to shut down and retreat into ourselves affects the heart centre.  It constricts, life diminishes and we experience a profound sense of deficiency.

When we learn, at last, to accept life on its own terms, the heart opens. There is no effort on our part, we can claim no special virtue; we simply watch in wonder as we become a conduit for Love.



4 thoughts on “The Open Heart

  1. I was just thinking about you! And here you are. I did an early morning walk in my garden, this midsummer morn and the cutting that you gave me of santolina from your garden in Blackheath is flowering profusely this morning. Like a burst of sun.
    Ahh the heart. Yes.


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