Rhythmic thrumming fills the night
December lullaby


Sydney swelters in the summer heat.   I rise early to walk in the freshness of the dawn.

The trees reverberate with sound, their trunks festooned with cicada nymph shells.



I pause to help an Orange Drummer hatchling, wings ensnared by the carapace.


At 120 decibels, the noise is deafening, and I move away.

It is a perfect morning, sunshine glittering on eucalyptus leaves, a light breeze teasing the treetops.  I dream of summers past, king tides in Sydney harbour, of salt-encrusted skin and peeling sunburn, family gatherings, and soft, velvet nights.

Our world is tired; war, poverty and corruption  touch every nation, our media filled with the endless drone of catastrophic news.  But on a morning walk, where new life explodes in the trees, oblivious to humanity’s travails, I am grateful for the will of Nature to survive – and thrive.



2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. a sweet summer you embrace.. the cold darkness takes light with the stars and moon to light the way, our short days moon comes and your long days come to an end… our bitter starts with the sweet smells of your summer.. wildly beautiful both in their own right winter bright, summer light….

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