Workshops and Retreats

Angela creates women’s workshops centred around the role of myth and the subconscious, using storytelling, meditation, journaling, painting, soft-sculpture, chanting and free-movement to express responses to stories and their significance in our lives. Suitable for groups of 6 to 8.

Each workshop can be tailored to the individual and conducted as a series, either locally or online.

Finding Your Story

Ancient folk tales and their relevance for our personal narratives.

Running With Wolves

This workshop is a 6-part series, based on Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ seminal work “Women Who Run With The Wolves”.

We explore the underlying meaning of these stories:

Bluebeard – Beginning Initiation
Vasilisa The Wise – Retrieving Intuition
The Ugly Duckling – Finding where we belong
The Red Shoes – Healing injured instincts
The Handless Maiden – Initiation
Sealskin, Soulskin – Returning to oneself

and their significance in the narratives with which we describe our lives.
We use meditation, writing, painting, soft-sculpture, chanting and free-movement to express our responses to these ageless tales.  It is a magical experience…

Chakra Energy

The symbolism, mythology, and practical significance of the body’s energy centres.

Chakra Energy : Spirit Energy is a 4-part monthly series, exploring the symbolism, mythology and practical significance of the body’s energy centres -the Chakras.

Each month, the workshop focuses on specific centres, offering the opportunity to discover, through writing, meditation, chanting and free-movement, how energy works in your body and where the blockages and imbalances are located, allowing your body-mind to reveal its own path to wholeness.

Mind, Body, Mandala

Exploring the history of this ancient art form and its relationship to the mind-body.

Whether you are an established artist or have no prior artistic experience, you will find the creation of mandalas an absorbing and enriching process. You will learn about the fascinating history of this art-form and how it relates to the energy systems of the body, playing with colour and form as you allow your inner world to express itself.

The Embodied Voice

A vocal workshop designed to free emotional blockages

Angela is a trained opera singer and has designed The Embodied Voice Workshop to balance the body’s energy centres and liberate your own, unique inner voice.  By reconnecting Heart and Throat centres, it helps you to find the courage to speak your truth in the world.

Incorporating a series of enjoyable processes, including
*     meditation
*     chakra toning
*     energy vocalisation and free movement,
the Embodied Voice workshop is about the deep sense of self. It is suitable for both non-singers and professionals.


Angela has taught meditation for 30 years, in recent years, specialising in Mindfulness Meditation, teaching divers private groups including dementia carers, palliative care volunteers, and seniors.


She holds one day and weekend residential retreats focused on exploration of spirituality through mindfulness and dreamwork.